Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Old Pentels

Here we have my two additions to the Pentel collection. On the left is the Pentel Injecto pencil. This pencil uses a replaceable cartridge which holds the lead.  A high end "Drop Dock". There is a cartridge in the pencil and I have one extra. The Injecto uses 0.4mm lead. Next is the PS1045  0.5mm pencil. Thinner then most but I was surprised at how well it fits in your hand. It seems to me Pentel was trying this PS1045 out to see if it was a hit. I guess it wasn't because then Pentel came out with the larger PS35 type pencils. I still consider the PS1045 to be a great find for the collection.

The Injecto has a clear window right below the end of the pocket clip so you can see how much lead is left. All the pencils in this picture have good grips. If you can find them add them all to your collection.