Thursday, November 12, 2015

More Scripto Pens and Pencils

We are going to have a few new posts on Scripto pens and Pencils starting with this nice set. I found this salesman sample case of pens and pencils and while I have most of them there are some new ones for the collection.

Open the case and this is what you will find. On the right is a T220 ball pen in black and yellow, a yellow T220G, blue T560, a black W610. Last is a green felt tip, pink wordpicker and a blue felt tip model 0-300. While playing with this case I broke the snap.

 Starting on the left we have a red P452 which is a solid color K750 but with a 0.9mm lead and a Top-Ad that holds the eraser. Next is another K752 in orange, a green P450.  A white P590, a red P350BG, yellow P360B, and last a grey K750. These are all pencils and appear to have never been used.

Here are the four of the pencils again. Red P452, Green P450, orange K752, grey K750. Add them all to your collection.  The Top-Ads are very collectible. More Scriptos to come. Add all these pens and pencils to your collection.

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