Monday, April 13, 2015

Doing Some Trading with Rad and Hungry

Rad and Hungry are stationary hunters that go out and get notebooks, pens, pencils and more from different countries around the world. They do the traveling so all you have to do is look and get what you like. Well here I did some trading and look what I got. Two notebooks, one on the left appears to be from Turkey, the other from Denmark. Both have very nice paper. Three yellow BICs that look just like the ones made in France but these are made in China. Top three clear BICs have "BIC NS Fine France Design Easy Glide" printed on the side. These also are made in China. Last are three BU1s and they are made in Vietnam. Want to thank the Rad and Hungry crew for making this a very fun trade. Add all this great stuff to your collection and visit the Rad and Hungry website at Great Stuff.

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