Tuesday, April 28, 2015

BIC Fine Point Pens

Here we have my current collection of BIC Fine Point Pens. In most cases we are talking about the original orange fine point BIC.  Left side of the case are all US made BICs. Starting at the bottom left and going up we have the Auditors Fine Points followed by the PF Fine Point then the PF Office Property. A note concerning these pens with minor differences. In most cases there will be four pens to each different wording on the side of the BIC. One per color. This makes the collection endless. Next up are the PF-49 Deluxe Fine Point Pens followed by the PF-39s and a few singles like the BIC School Pen Fine. We now have the F-25s and the F-29s. These are the most common of the old orange fine point pens. There are still many orange and yellow BICs out there that I don't have but since no one seems to know what was made and when we have to continue the search. Starting at the bottom right and going up we finish the F-29s followed by the rare F-39. Only one I have every seen. Now we start with the orange BICs made overseas. We start with China then Mexico, France, and last Canada. Some of the French BICs are also Extra fine point. All the BICs are refillable so you can continue to use these great pens. Add all these great BICs to your collection.


  1. George,here in Latin America we have a Bic Cristal Ultrafine with a 0,7 point,they make a Fashions colors. I can send a some photos to you !

  2. The best writing fines are the current Orange Fines from the French factory with the fused (non-removable) cartridges. The Mexican Round Stic EZ is 0.5 mm, a truly extra fine point.

  3. The pens manufactured in Asia are terrible - barrel and ink quality are not up to Bic standards.