Thursday, April 9, 2015

All-Rite Pen And Pencil Set

I have not been adding as many displays as I did at one time but I could not pass on this one. Who did not want a nice All-Rite pen and pencil set For Christmas. These are very sharp looking pens and pencils. The pencil is a 0.9mm size but the refill for the pen is not a common type so to get one working may take some time.

These are all brand new with their nice plastic box. Add them to your collection.


  1. I have 3green refills, new in pack! Got anything to trade?

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  3. I can part with a Al Rite pen and pencil set. Do the refills work? Email me at

  4. I did, but hadn't heard back. Did you get it?

  5. I am looking for a Vintage Sterling Silver Pilot Ball Point Pen.
    Please advise?


  6. Best place that I know of is EBay. I checked and they have a few.

  7. Do you have any leads on where I can find an All Rite pen refill? I have tried eBay, but they only have sets and no guarantee the pens work. I am hoping you might have one in your collection that I can purchase. Thanks in advance.

  8. This is one pen that I have not been able to get to or make a refill for. I will pull out a pen and see if I am any better at it.

    1. Thanks for the quick reply. I was hoping you would have better news.