Monday, February 9, 2015

More Stuff And a HBO Show

Here we have some new old items. Top is another Pentel Roller Ball desk set.  Below the Pentel set is another of the Sterling Plastic Educator Boxes. I already have some of these but I do not like to pass up on a Presidents of the US one that ends in JFK. There at least five different versions of this SP#558 ending in a different President. JFK is the most desirable of the boxes. Below the box is the new BIC 4 way that has a stylus on the top. At the bottom is a 12" acrylic ruler with five pennies. On the left is a vintage Waterman ball point pen. On the right is a dealer box of Sterling Plastic 12" # 515 plastic rulers. Add all these great items to your collection. Now for some good news here in the Supply Room. We just got picked up for a new HBO TV show that will airing sometime this year. Already sent them a Box full of Pens and Pencils to get started with.  This will be our third TV show since I stated the blog in 09. More to come on this.

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  1. Congrats on getting picked up for a new show! Looking forward to the update.