Saturday, February 28, 2015

New 5-47 Scripto Pencil

When I stop trying to find any new Scripto Pencils for the collection I find one anyway. The top pencil is a Scripto 4-47 pencil from the 40s that I have had for some time.  You can find good examples on eBay and other places and one should be in your collection. They use the standard 1.1mm lead which is also easy to fine. Now we come to the bottom pencil. A Scripto  5-47 1.1mm pencil. This pencil is in great shape and has been moved to the daily EDC group along with one of my new Pentel Sharplet -5. This pencil with eraser is 6" long while the 4-47 is only 5" long., These pencils are all aluminum and work fine. When you get one of these old pencils I recommend that you do not use the erasers. To many other good erasers out there but if you must BIC pencil erasers sometimes work. Go add a Scripto 5-47 to your collection.

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