Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jacks Pocket Notebook

Posted by PicasaWhile looking for old 3" by 5" notebooks for the TV show Mad Men I came across Jacks Pocket Notebooks. I had never seen these before but I do know of the basic concept because in the Army we would sometimes make our own notebooks by using different size binder rings. We used plastic covers not these great aluminum covers. These are on eBay and there appears to be both the reporters like I have here and the rings down the left side. Four different color T 354 aluminum, different size rings, calendars, lined paper and blank paper like I am using. There are dividers like the one on the bottom right sheet of paper. I have been using my notebook for about three weeks and I love it. This notebook is 3" by 5" and I use a rubber band to keep it closed. My new fountain pen does not breed through the paper. These notebook are very simple yet work great. There are other options so search it on eBay and get yourself one for Christmas.

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