Monday, December 23, 2013

Best Pens For 2013

Hard to pick but I had the most fun with these. A Parker Jotter with a calendar from days long gone. This is in fact a new Parker Jotter from India. I finely got my Dad's Parker 51 working and what a great pen.Posted by Picasa  Turns out to be my best fountain pen. Hallmark felt tip pen. Don't know what type of wood this one is made of but it is not walnut like most my other Hallmarks. Next is a great new pencil with an old name. Wearever 0.5mm pencil from Rad and Hungry.  A Hero 360 fountain pen. I like this one because no matter how you pick it up the pen will writes.Very fine point. Last is my Christmas present for this year. A Parker 5th. Not sure why Parker thinks this is not a fine point felt tip pen with metal guide but it is still fun to write with. Add all these great pens and pencils to your collection. Can't wait till 2014.


  1. My Dad's Parker 51 is one of my favorites too. What an amazing pen. wish you could use a converter which would hold more ink and fill more reliably than the rubber bladder. However, I use it at home so I can fill when necessary. Haven't found an ink yet that it didn't use beautifully.

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  3. Love the Parker "51". Those are some of my favorite fountain pens to use. I have quite a few, and almost all of them are a pure joy to use.