Sunday, November 24, 2013

More Old Stuff

Here we have more items just added to the collection. Top left is a vintage cast iron note holder spike. Maybe from the 40s. They were very popular in their day. Next is a Sterling Plastic eraserpet item number #637. Unlike 99% of Sterling Plastic items that are made in the USA this item was made in Japan. Then we have the Empire Snappy Pencils. Late 60s or early 70s. Don't remember this packaging but this one is in great shape. At the bottom is a very nice Artista water colors. Made by the Binney & Smith Inc. New York. This one holds 8 colors and I do remember using something like this in school. Box is in great shape. Then we have the Ruby Chisel Point Eraser display by Eberhard Faber. I placed the ruler below it so you can see how small this display is. I would guess you get five erasers for .10 cents and it is in great condition. Add all these great items to your collection. Don't forget to leave a comment for our Christmas give away. Great items are being added daily.  Posted by Picasa

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