Monday, November 25, 2013

New Parkers

Here we have two new Parker pens. The one on the left is a Jotter with the old style calender. The calender Jotter came out in 1966 but I do not remember seeing the calender on any recent Jotters. The calender works fine and it would be nice to see this model sold here in the USA. The pen on the right is a Parker Beta. This pen uses the Parker Jotter refill and is made of very light plastic. I do not see this one catching on here in the US. It looks nice but is not well constructed. Luxor Writing Instruments under licence from the Parker Pen company makes and sells these pens in India and Nepal. Both are nice examples of Parker pens being made in India and sold to their citizens. Add them both to your collection. Running out of days to get in on the Christmas give away. Posted by Picasa

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