Sunday, August 18, 2013

Scripto Action Pen

Here we have Scriptos attempt to cash in on the Hip Papermate Ops N Pops Pen. I have 13 of these pens and I believe I have them all. These 13 pens reprsent 4 different designs. These pens do include green and blue which were never used on the papermate Ops N Pops. These pens are not as well make as the papermates and most of the pocket clips have some rust but I do not plan on cleaning them unless they start to get real bad. I would prefer to keep them as is. I keep one or two working which I am sad to say is a job because these pens are very hard to get working. I pulled a set that I was sending to Mad Men because the refills would just not fit. They also seem to be harder to find then the papermates as most people have never heard of the Scripto Action Pen. The basic body style of the Action pen is the Scripto Wordmaster T260A. Scripto seems to have used the word Wordmaster on more then just their orignal 1946 Wordmaster 1.1mm pencil. Add them all to your collection and if you have time go to YouTube and search for the Ops N Pops songPosted by Picasa

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