Sunday, August 11, 2013

More Papermate Ops N Pops

My goal was to get at least one of every design that can be found in the poster on the right. There are nine different designs. The top row of pens are those designs plus one extra. The hard part was finding 45 year old pens that still look new. The three on the second row represent pens that show ware plus some extras in great shape. Left hand side is one on a card. The top row, far right white pen with black stripes was the last one I needed. The second row yellow with black dots is the pen that appeared on Mad Men this year. While I do have all the designs some colors do look better then others. I have to many white and yellow. You can also see that there was no greens or blues included. Since I now have some extras I plan on using a few of them. Cost? All together about $2000.00 and that would be 15 in great shape and three that are not. I got some real good deals on some and had to mortgage the house to get others. What a great time it was in the late 60s when you could go the the store and pick up a  Papermate Ops N Pops pen to start your school year. The other pen company that tried to get in on this was Scripto with their Action Pens. I will post them again next time. Add them all to your collection.  Posted by Picasa

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