Sunday, March 31, 2013

Waterman's Set

Posted by PicasaWaterman pens started in 1884 with their first factory in Seymour Connecticut. The first pens that they made were fountain pens but in the late 40s with diminishing sales of fountain pens the company started making high end ball point pens. In more recent times the company was bought by BIC and in the 60s  BIC discontinued most of the Waterman line with some of the high end pens still being made in France. This set from 1958 had all you needed to be ready for a days work or out on the town. Could have been used by any of the men on the TV Show Mad Men. This set had a ball point pen and pencil both in excellent condition, tie clip, cuff links and a money clip. What else did you need? As nice as the pen is I still have not gotten it to work. Most ball point pens have a spring that is about one inch long. This type of Waterman ball point pen has a spring that is as long as the refill. I have in the past got a few of them working for the TV show Mad Men so I am still working on this one.  Add all this great stuff to your collection.