Thursday, January 24, 2013


Posted by PicasaTime to start off the new year with my JetPens order. On the left is the Uni-ball Kuru Toga pencil. I like this one for the office since it has no pocket clip. Next is the new Pentel Vicuna multi pen with some of the smoothest ink I have used lately. Then the new Pentel Graph 1000 CS 0.05mm pencil in black and the new Pentel Stein P315 0.5mm pencil in blue. Three in a row are these Pilot Petit2 Mini sign pens. Only one I have used is the lime green sign pen and it reminds me of a time when we used more felt tip marker/pens. Last is the Platinum Multi pen in a fresh leaf green plastic body. This multi pen was a real surprise and the ink is smooth and the colors are good and bright. Add all these great JetPen pens and pencils to your collection.


  1. Loving that Kuru-Toga! Those Pentel drafting pencils look cool, too. I use my Kuru-Toga and GraphGear 500 almost daily--great for notetaking and math/physics homework!

  2. The pencils are fancy-looking. Love them!