Saturday, January 12, 2013

Best Of 2012

I have been very busy so far this month so I am behind on my posts. I received some great items during 2012 but the ones that impressed me most or that I like the best are in this picture. On the left are the great BIC Pens from the 60s. This included the F-25s in the box ( got six boxes) plus the AF-49 Fine Point and the AF-49 Extra Fine Point Pens. Next is a multi pen I have not seen before. A Pilot Switch and it is like the one that JetPens has (called a Pilot Birdy Switch) but there are some differences. The one here in the picture is larger, 5.5" long and more like a standard pen size plus it also has rubber strips as a grip. At the bottom is a 0.5mm pencil and the pen is under the top. I got this from a seller in Japan and was afraid that I may never be able to get refills for the pen till I saw them on Jetpens. We can always count on JetPens. Next are the new Cross Click Pens. There are at least three more colors I am missing. I grew up on Cross pens and I will never know why it took so long to come up with a click pen. Last on the right are some of the best pens for 2012. Pilot Petball or B2Ps in seven different colors (only six in the picture). I like clear, I like color and JetPens got me both. These pens are the forth different B2P pen out. Looks like 2013 is going to be an outstanding year for pen and pencils so let us start collecting. Don't forget to leave a comment for the TUL give-away. Most popular posts for 2012 were Parker Jotters, Scan Cards, Hallmark Pens, BICs and Lamy Pens.Posted by Picasa

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