Sunday, November 25, 2012

I Will Catch Up

Here we have new items, new old items and things I forgot to post. Starting on the left are the Rhodia dot notebook and two of there great Rhodia pencils. These were sent to me to review from Exaclair and I forgot to do it. These are not even the ones they sent because I have had to replace them with more of the same. The notebooks have become the house notebook down in the supply room along with the pencils. Next starting at the top are two yellow BICs from China or at least have the word China on the side of the pens. Great additions. Next will be the school BIC from the 80s that writes black. Next is a new BIC Soft Feel Fineline pen. Could be a new type of BIC Banana. Don't think it is taking Europe by storm and that would be sad because it has a great fine point. Now we come to the new BIC fine points with the clear yellow/orange barrels. I have been pulling the refills out to put in other BICs. Not working that well. It appears that yellow fine point BIC are getting had to fine. I need refills to get the 1960s BIC green fine point pens to work.  The next three are erasers from International Arrivals. No nothing about this company but these erasers are outstanding and heavy. All have white erases but the center of the eraser is the color of the pen. On the right are some great old M10 BIC's. These were the ones that sold here in the US many years ago. Great carded pair and great pens. Can not refill these but sill great pens. Far right are more of the green fine point green BICs. Sorry to Exaclair for the delay. Add all this stuff to your collection.


  1. I love that the wood on the Rhodia pencils is black. I especially love pencils that are all black. But the orange and black mix looks great on these.

  2. Rhodia pencils have become my go to pencil down in the supply room.