Sunday, November 11, 2012

BIC Containers

Here we have my three BIC containers. On the left is the one that was sold in Staples and can be used as a bank. On the right is one from Europe that does not have a coin slot on the top. This blue top one from Europe had regular BIC Cristals inside. My newest one is in the center. This BIC four way container stands about 7" tall and is holding some of my four 4 way and 2 two way BICs. Again I do not know why we can not get these nice pen holders here in the USA but it seems that BIC France is bigger then BIC US. The gold and silver 60th limited edition BIC plastic pens could only be found in Europe but they were made in Mexico. BIC could have just dropped off some here in the USA. Add all these great BICs to your collection.Posted by Picasa


  1. I have the US one. It is currently filled to the brim with coins, that I will cash in and use to buy more pens!!

  2. I love those! I've never seen them before, either.

  3. The one on the left can still be found on Ebay. The other two show up now and then on Ebay.