Monday, October 29, 2012

Pilot B2P Pens

I have had to wait on the mail before I could show these pens. I am talking about these great B2P pens from Pilot. Starting on the left are the original Pilot B2P pens that use a G2 refill. Next to them are the newer B2P ball point pens with the rubber grip. These pens use a different refill. The new refill is the same as the Pilot Dr. Grip #77228 or they can be ordered from JetPens. To the right of the grip B2Ps are the three pens that I ordered from England. They also use the Dr. Grip refill but the pens are the cheapest of all these pens. I do not see how these type pens would catch on.There is no grip and they just feel cheap. The only reason I ordered them was to have a complete set. Last are my favorite Pet Ball pens from JetPens. These are outstanding and the colors are great. They also use the DR. Grip refill. I would think in the near future we may be seeing a B2P pencil. If you are going to start a collection, start with the Pet Ball pens from JetPens. Posted by Picasa


  1. The colorful design of the Japanese ones looks the best to me. I think it's a shame that Pilot has to make their pens look so regular for Europe and USA. By the way, the "cheap" ballpoint is now my go-to pen, it performs well for the price while I can afford to lose it/borrow it to someone.

  2. I guess the word cheap is wrong. They are just plain. The ones from JetPens are the Best. I have always liked color and these pens have color.