Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A New BIC Pen

It is not a new BIC  but it is new to the supply room. Received this green BIC in the mail today. The BIC in question is the white with green print AF-49 Accountant EX-Fine PT.  I have heard about a extra fine but have never owned one. AF-49  means it was around in the 60s and cost $.49 cents. There are a few BICs out there that are listed by collectors as rare. This AF-49 Green Accountant pen would be one of them plus the  AF49, AF59 or AF69 regular fine point Accountant BIC in green.  Two weeks ago I was bidding on a small group of old BIC pens. The one that I was after was another rare BIC called a AF-49 Auditor's EX-Fine PT.  I was out bid at $130.00. I have only seen one other AF49 EX-Fine Auditors and it is in a collection in Germany. I would have to put my new AF 49 Accountant Green, the AF49 Auditors FP Green in the rare group of BIC pens. Add all these great BIC pens to your collection.Posted by Picasa

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