Monday, October 1, 2012

Lamy Collection

Most of the blog discussion concerning Lamy Safari pens seem to be around their fountain pens. Everybody seems to like them and for good reason. As you can see I have three of them. I have used them all at least once but with so many pens wanting to be in the daily rotation it is hard to use the same fountain pen everyday. That is why I like the rollers. Easy to use and all of the ones I have work fine. I do like the limited edition colors but I was not able to find a Aquamarine roller ball so I got the ball point. I would guess that over the years some limited edition colors did not have a roller. Looking forward to the next limited edition Lamy. The 0.5mm pencil writes just fine. As I have said before, I like color and I like clear. Lamy gives me both. Add them all to your collection.


  1. I have a Safari ballpoint, but I have issues with their refills drying out on me. The refill that was in the pen worked for about a sentence or two, then completely dried up. I thought it may have been because I didn't know how long the pen sat on the shelf before purchasing it, and bought another (sealed) refill from an online retailer. That one lasted a few weeks, and promptly dried up. No amount of scribbling will get it going again. Frustrating.. :(

    I use their fountain pens all the time, though. No real issues with those.

  2. Must have been a bad lot because I have had refills for a few years now and they still work fine.

  3. Love the pink and orange. I just acquired the blue/red, but have not inked 'er up yet.