Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wearever Pens

I just got this set of Wearever pens down at the supply room. I already have the pen set on the left but they were included in this lot. On the right is a Wearever fountain pen. The real interesting pens are the three in the middle. Wearever Marking Pens with the barrel being replaceable. The ink is located in the barrels so when you are out of ink you just get another barrel. They claim there is a valve in the pen that will cut off the ink supply when not in use. Replacement barrels were selling at the time for .25 cents and replacement tips were .10 cents. I have never seen these before and I do not need three so one will be part of our first give-away which will start around the first of next month. Keep checking back because the end of the month is only ten days away. Add them all to your collection.

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