Sunday, August 12, 2012

Midroi Brass Ballpoint Pen

JetPens was nice enough to send us a Midroi Brass Ballpoint Pen to review which is the pen at the bottom of the picture. As soon as I got it I found that we had very few small pocket size pens or pencils in our inventory. The 30 year old yellow John Deer pencil was about as close as I can get. The Midroi pen is high end compared to the bullet pencils that have been around the US since the Civil War. Most are give-aways  for farmers, feed stores, insurance and souvenirs from around the US. There are many collectors out there with large collections of bullet pencils. I like the idea of starting at the top and work down and I will do that with this Midroi pen. This Midroi is a well made bullet pen. Ready to write it is about 5 1/2 " long and feels just fine in your hand. I would not use it for all day writing but since I am making notes all day this pen works fine. The pen would be just fine without the pocket clip. Most people that I know carry these type pens and pencils put them in their front jeans pocket. The pen has a nice 0.5mm point that does lay down a nice non skip line. I like so much that I plan on adding the Midroi pencil to my collection. Top three pens in the picture are Lindys followed by the small red Scripto key chain pencil. Add them all to your collection and again thanks to JetPens for this outstanding addition to my collection. Posted by Picasa

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