Sunday, June 3, 2012

Never Before Seen Lindy Pens

Here we have a real surprise for everyone. The six Lindy Pens in the middle starting with the blue and red pen called the Lindy 2 N 1 are never before seen prototype pens. The next five pens including the purple, black, orange and two blue caped pens are what we believe to be prototypes for a New Lindy pen to go up against the BIC Cristal. These pens are made of plastic like a BIC which is different from the purple and shorty green Lindy on top. Two of the pens have their new cap on the left with their old cap on the right. They had to reduce cost by doing away with the metal pocket clip. While these five pens are the same, they have different writing on them. Experimenting with different wording and numbers. BIC just had the BIC logo.There were no plans for these prototype pens to ever be seen by the public or leave the building. Their plans did not work. Lindy never made the pen and these pens have been found. The seller contacted me last week and I bought these six pens. There are more and they are going up on eBay this week. These are part of our pen history and I hope all of you bid on or buy one. Lindy pens are the third most visited post here in the supply room and for good reason. The blue cap Lindy above the BIC now works. Add them all to your collection.Posted by Picasa

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