Monday, June 18, 2012

Catch Up On Some Items

We have been spending plenty of time on BICs and Lindy Pens lately so we better catch up on some other items down in the supply room. Picked up a lot of Sterling Plastic 6" Protractors some time back. As is the case with all the Sterling Plastic items they are all made in the USA and great collector items. I will be adding one of these to our next Give-Away which will be coming up very soon. Next is a carded Fisher Space-Tec pressurized ink pen. I also have a blue one that I have been using. I believe these are now discontinued items but are still available. Last is a pair of 1990s Pentel Roller Ball Pens called the "Great Green One". Pens write in black and have a coupon on the back of the card for $5.00 from Pentel if you buy a pair of Famous Jordache Designer Jeans. What a deal. Add all of these great items to your collections. next post we will be showing out BIC Wavelength collection from the 90s. Posted by Picasa

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