Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two More Lindys

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Here we have two more Lindy pens for the collection. Since this picture I have put a Pilot "The Better Ball Point Pen" refill in the Lindy and it works fine. I am talking about the Pilot Stick Pen not the click ball point. I have some red refills on order but to get it working now I put a pink refill in the pen. The Pilot pink is a real strong color and works fine in the red Lindy pen. These are the newer Lindy pens and were made by the Blackfeet Indians. I did notice that the Lindys made by the Blackfeet Indians had a smaller refill then the original Lindys made in California. On the back of the card they list all the ink colors. Wine Rose, Aegean Blue, Hot Red, Glitter Gold, Chocolate Brown, Autumn Orange, Fuschia Pink, Leafy Green, China Black, Nautical Blue, Sea Green and Lush Lavender. I am still looking for a orange Lindy. These two carded Lindys were sold at K-Mart. The Lindy pens are the third most visited post and the second most commented post here in the Supply Room. I may do a give away soon for a working Lindy Pen. Add all you can find to your collection.

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