Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Pilot B2P

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At our local Staples I found these new Pilot Bottle 2 Pens or B2Ps in 1.0mm. They come in five colors and were $1.00 each. They are 86% recycled content while the originals were 89% recycled content. As you can see they do not use the G2 refill but a smaller one that is listed as a ball point pen refill with the orginal listed as gel. The new ones which are the four on the right also have a rubber grip which is nice. They all write fine so add them to your collection.


  1. Interesting, in Europe we also have B2P in ballpoint version, but it looks completely different.

  2. It looks like they modeled them after the EasyTouch. Perhaps it's like the recycled version of those, much like the original B2P is a recycled version of the G2.