Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All My BICs

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Well not all of them but close. BIC pens have been one of the most popular posts here in the supply room so I thought we would just start off the new year and lay them all out at one time. Most have been posted as I got them but there are a few new items in the picture. The two main groups are the BIC Cristals and the BIC Wavelengths. Most of the never posted pens are wavelengths. The BIC company seems to have made a large number of variations to the wavelengths. My wavelengths that glow in the dark are not in the picture but in the middle row of the picture are the wavelengths that are called Color Shifts. The barrel changes color when to put them in your hand. Another new one is the Color Beams and I am not sure what they do other then write. There is also a large number of variations of these pens and their packaging from overseas. The purple case that goes from left to right across the table is the 1995 Jewel Collection from BIC France. There does not seem to be an end to the different types of BIC pens so I will not say add them all just what you can find.


  1. George,

    I loved seeing the "Sports" ones. I have that same one with the colorful soccer balls on it from when I was a kid. I also have one of the "Wavelengths" but it's not the exact same as the ones in the package that you have. It has more of a random paint splatter design to it, and had pink ink in it. Cool to see!

  2. Do you have any idea why BIC starting putting a hole in the caps? That seems like a weird change.....oh, maybe it was a choking hazard for kids before. Anyway, you're such a BIC fan I thought you might know.

  3. Wow!! What a wonderfully colorful collection!! I especially like your series of 4-color Bics - the lime green barrel is my favorite - gotta love those 'fashion' colors!