Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Even More BICs

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Here we have even more BIC pens. On the top is a standard BIC pen from the package in the picture. I do not remember this pen being sold by itself so it may have only been available in the pack. The cap of the pen is the old type with no hole. Next is a BIC Auditor's Fine Point. My first one of these and a great addition to the collection. I have posted the red accountant pen before but I have not posted the old version with the new. The old one is the blue one. Everybody who emailed me about the red BIC accountant pen will get one. Add them all to your collection.

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  1. I had all but the top pen in this collection at one time. I am not sure how I ended up with the Auditor's Fine Point, but I wish it had not disappeared all those long years ago.