Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Stuff

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Here we have some loose items that I have picked up recently. Starting on the left is a Autopoint two way pencil 0.5mm on the gray side and 0.9mm on the red side. Next is a Ativa calculator. I picked it up at Office Depot because they were only $2.00 each. Next are some new Sharpies. On the far right are two pencil boxes that open up on both the top and bottom. Also from Office Depot. Bottom left is my new Faber Castell TK Fine 0.7mm pencil. Next is one of the rarest Scripto pencils around, the US Government Electrographic, Skilcraft K780. Next is the Pentel Vicuna multi pen from JetPens. Last is the newest addition to the Barns and Noble line of pens. A large ball point with purple swirls that uses a Parker Jotter refill. Go get them and add them to your collection.

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  1. I'm surprised Sharpie is still pushing those Liquid Pencils. I like the Essentials Pack. I remember seeing that at Staples and thinking to myself that it would be a pretty good set for newbies to the Sharpie brand.