Friday, July 29, 2011


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Here we have some great desk items from the 80s. I had posted the 221XX Swingline clear electric stapler back on 15 April 2011 but it needed another item to make a nice set. So here is a 1980s Unisonic clear telephone. The phone lights up when it rings. Unisonic made calculators, phones, radios and TVs. What a desk someone in the 80s would have had with this pair. Both work fine. Return to the 80s and add them both to your growing collection.


  1. I've seen that stapler new recently, along with some other clear mechanical desk items (IIRC a pencil sharpener?) I'll go look again & see if I can find a link. Love the phone, one of my friends had a clear *Swatch* phone! That was the epitome of awesome 80's design! (the base could be used as a handset as well, so two people could use the phone at once - it was great for sleepovers & calling boys)

  2. a-ha! It's a tape dispenser: