Friday, May 14, 2010

More Storage Space

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We are always looking for more and better storage space for our collections. I found this rack in a closed out shoe store in Temple Texas. Four sided, over four foot tall with removable hooks. It is just what I needed for pens and pencils that are carded. Replacement hooks can be ordered on line. I will only be using three sides but it does give me more options. If you have the opportunity, try getting an extra of some of the pens and pencils that you are collecting and keep them on the cards. It is a nice way to keep up with the changing times. Add it all to your collection.


  1. At the moment I am just an amateur collector and so I have a couple of paper tray cabinets with pencils instead of paper inside. What you are suggesting here is for collecting on a whole new level. Serious collecting. I think it is a great idea but it is one that definitely needs a room of its own - a supply room? My wife wouldn't stand for it :)

  2. We all start small, when I started 30 years ago I did not have a supply room. We all have to work our way up. The new cabinet was only $10.00. Collecting is about the only bad habit I have left. Good luck on your collection.

  3. Nice. Good idea. Innovative even. I still need to get a Pentel Display. grr.....