Friday, April 9, 2010

Sheaffer GlideRiter and Give-Away

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Here we have three examples of a Sheaffer Glideriter. From the mid 60s, made in the USA, these pens are over forty years old. They are the same size as the popular Sheaffer School Fountain Pen and use the same ink cartridges that you can still buy today. For the complete history of the Glideriter series you can go over the Even the card that it comes on is collectible. Look at that young lady's face. Since I took the picture, I have opened up one of the blue ones and put in a Sheaffer purple cartridge and the pen works fine. It is fun writing and it is the new way to write. Since they are hard to find in their original packaging and since we only have so much room down in the supply room basement, we will be giving away the black one in the middle. I will be keeping the blue ones. This is a great opportunity to get a piece of American History from the 60s. Let me help add one to your collection. Just leave a comment by the 18th of April.