Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sterling Plastic Bug and Boat

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Here we have two pencil sharpeners from the Sterling Plastic Company. On the left is a beetle, Sterling Plastic #508 with a plastic sharpener under it. This beetle is from the early 70s and was part of a line of bug and spider pencil sharpeners. These bugs are made of soft flexible plastic. The small red boat with the yellow sharpener on top is a Sterling Plastic #500 and is from the 50s. This one is hard plastic. These small sharpeners from Sterling Plastic are inexpensive in most cases and are very collectible. There are some exception, like last year when I saw a Sterling Plastic Tarantula still on the card for about $25.00 and just last week on EBay a Sterling Plastic model 506 Space Capsule sold for $270.00. These are all US made sharpeners and should be in your collection.

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