Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Pentel Items

Here we have some new items for the supply room. On the left is the Pentel Sharp PF 337 pencil. Used to write on film. Center we have the new Pentel B810 Sterling Ball Point pen in white. It matches my K611 Pentel roller. On the right is the Pentel Tradio TRF 101 chrome fountain pen with medium nib. This one used blue ink cartridges. Nice addition to my growing Tradio collection. The inside workings of the fountain pen are interchangeable with any of the Tradios. Made in France.

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  1. Neat. I didn't know the Tradio had a version with a proper metal nib - I was under the impression all their fountain pens were actually oddly-shaped felt-tips (mine is).

  2. They are neat. Tradio has four types, ball point, felt-tip fountain pen, EnerGel and fountain pen. If you get one of the EnerGels pens then all four are interchangable.

  3. The .05mm Tradio pencil is also interchangable with the other four Tradios. Now you can mix and match.