Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pedigree School Supplies

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Another old school supply provider was Pedigree. Pedigree was made by the Empire Pencil Company in Shelbville Tennessee which is part of Hasbro who also made pencil boxes. Don't think these items are made anymore. Like the Sterling Plastic Company they dominated the school supply shelves in most stores. Sterling Plastic had the market for pencil cases, rulers and sharpeners while Pedigree had more pencils and erasers. Most of Pedigree items were made in the USA. Here we have some colored pencils, erasers and rulers of different type. I will have more erasers soon. Add some to your collection.


  1. They sort of look familiar. Probably used some of those back in the day. Sad how few things nowadays are manufactured stateside.

  2. wow, definitely used those in grade school. and broke them.....

  3. OMG, the memories... loved those erasers and those pencils.