Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scripto T210 Ball Point Pens

Here we have two versions of the Scripto T210 Ball Point Pen. I have seen them listed under different names and as always with Scripto there is confusion as to how many different models were made and when. That has always been the appeal of collecting Scripto. This pen is from the 50s. In the picture there are two types shown. On the left is the older model which has a small metal lip on top of the pocket clip to retract the point. The five pens on the right have the upgrade to the red button. They go by names like Super Dollar and Push Button Ball pen. These colors reflex the 50s and the blue two tone is the only one that currently works. Some were used for advertising and others were matched with a P360 pencil. There are other models out there like the Prestige which I do not have yet.

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