Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Scripto Escort Ball Pen

Here we have a nice counter display of Scripto Escort pens. Late 60s maybe early 70s. The Escort pen was a model T550, gold one on the end is a T550G. On the right of the display is a Escort pen T550 and pencil P580 set in red and a Gold Escort model P580G pencil. None of the pens currently work. Refills for the older Scripto pens can not be found. This is one of the reasons why collecting Scripto pencils has always been more popular. I will be showing more of my Scripto pen collection in future posts to include those that do still write.Posted by Picasa


  1. Nice looking display. Congrats my good man!!!

  2. A pen addicted? I am too, I am addicted to pens, and I can't write with a simple one... I mean I need to feel secure with the right one, and I don't write with blue, only black.. am I strange?

    Much love,