Thursday, June 4, 2009

Scripto Pencils and Pens

Here we have a nice collection of some of my favorite Scripto pencils and pens. Top left starts with the K750, K760, K770, then you have six different K780s. Right side you have a K780 Classic, K780 Classic Mexico, followed by four US Government Skilcraft/ K780s. The clear Skilcraft is the electrographic. Last two pencils are the P400 Thin Line and the Thin Line 49. Bottom tray are the T220 Scripto Pens. The Blue ones on the left are my favorite. Most of these are in the daily rotation and all work. Last two on the right are the T220Gs(gold). T220s do nice when they are paired with a Scripto P360 Thin Line Pencil.

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