Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Plastic Rulers

Here is a collection of plastic rulers and slid rules from the 50s to the 80s. Two of these rulers made it to the big time this week at the Pen Addict blog. It is nice to see these items up on the main screen. Thanks Brad. This set represents many different types of US made rulers, slide rules,metric rulers and stencils that have been available over the years. These are a favorite part of my collection because most of these can still be used today. Eleven of these items are made by the Sterling Plastic Company. The drafting set in the right corner also has a compass which I forgot to place in the picture. The two plastic rulers at the bottom are made by the Sterling Plastic Company and I will be showing more of them in the future. The Sterling Plastic slide rules were at the low end of slide rules but were available for those that did not want to pay big bucks for one.

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  1. need a triangular ruler now....

  2. Do you remember "school tools"? They were by mead...spiral bound books with cardboard stencils, protractor, stickers, etc.

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