Saturday, February 2, 2019

New BAUX Pens

Back in 2013 I posted my first set of Baux pens which included the pens in this picture. They were on Kickstarter. I not only got my pens that were ordered but they also sent me some proto types. The pen on the left has a glow in the dark cap.

You would take the insides out of a standard BIC which would include the refill, cap and back plug. They provided a plastic push rod to remove the plug.

Here are the new 2018 BAUX pens from Kickstarter. All you need is the refill and the cap to get these pens working.
The pen un-screws in the middle so you can put the refill in. On these new pens you can mix and match the colors of the body. These are great pens. You can never go wrong with a BIC and now you have a great body to use with any of the BIC refills.  Add all these great pens to your collection.

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