Monday, August 6, 2018

New Hallmark Additions

I believe I have posted these new additions to the blog but people seem interested in Hallmark pens so here they are again. The first one on the left is a walnut with gold trim. Next is a light wood and I do not know the type. Same with the next two. The last one on the right has a very nice wood grain but I do not know the wood type.

 Anybody know what type wood let me know. Add these great pens to you collection.


  1. I just acquired one of these pens in the original box as a desk set. I'll check and see if it listed the wood in the set with the paperwork and I'll photograph it. I also want to figure out a way to retrofit the refill since it was a weird proprietary size but I heard from a friend that it shouldn't be too difficult.

  2. If it is a ball point it may need their adapter that you can get from Hallmark or ebay.