Monday, August 20, 2018

Casio M800 Calculators

I need a place for my Casio M800 Calculator collection so I found this eight slot Zippo lighter case.  I thought that the Zippos were bigger, they are not. Out with the sharp knife and I started cutting. Made a mess behind the calculators.

Here on the right are the two M810 Calculators. The on switch is on the left side. They also had the % key, the 800s did not. I like the one from Radio Shack.

Here are two of the M800s. as you can see the one on the left has the clear screen while all the rest have the yellow-filtered.  The yellow was used to protect the led from harmful rays. The one on the right has a molled-golden finish.

 They made five different finishes and I only have two. I will be looking for the others.

Add all these great calculators to your collection.

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