Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Pentel P225

Here is a Pentel pencil that is no longer being made. I have a few in my collection but it has not been one of my favorite Pentels. In the 1982 Pentel Catalog they show a black P225 with a blue P227 and a yellow P229. It appears that the P227 and P229 were not kept in the line up and are very hard to find.

Now I find that the P225 came in more then one color. Here is the red pencil. The standard black P225 is very popular among collectors but I like the colors. I am still looking for the P227 and the P229. Add them all to your collection.


  1. Agreed. There's just something about the P225 that I've never quite liked either. It's Ok, but never a favourite.

  2. I recently received a 1979 Pentel USA catalog, and it had another variant I had never seen. A PS255 sliding sleeve, available in Red and Blue (designed to go with the corresponding lead). The sleeve slid from 2mm to retracted all the way.