Sunday, May 6, 2018

New Pentel GraphGear 1000s

Here they are. Starting on the left are the older GG 1000 0.7mm pencil and ball point pen. If you look close you will see that they have the old pocket clip. Pentel had some problems so they changed the clip. Next is the 0.9 and 0.4 GG 1000. Then we have the 0.5 pencil and ball point pen. They are not making the ball point pen version anymore. Next are the new black and silver, all red, all blue and all black GG 1000. Last is the gold version of the GraphGear 1000 and the matching EnerGels in gold, red and blue. Last we have two R-4s. All these new GG 1000s can be matched up with old and new Pentel pens.

Better look at the different clips. The ball point pens are very rare.

 These new GraphGears are nice looking pencils.
Match them up and add them to your collection.

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