Monday, March 5, 2018

New Items From Germ

It has been a while since I received any pencils from Germ. Some of you may remember Germ from Pencils 11? On the top we have a Pentel 5 with the red bottom. Hard to come by.  Next is a PQ11 350 side clicker. Another hard to find pencil.

Here we have the refill pack for my Pentel Injecto P154 and the plastic Q604 Popnpop Injecto. This refill pack is very hard to find. Add all of these to your collection and THANK YOU Germ.


  1. Hehe, Germ... he's still out there... avoiding the antibiotics :)
    Pentel 5 is nice.

  2. you are quite welcome. i dig the pencils, still, just don;t collect anymore. and, i can usually find stuff....

  3. I'm also on the hunt for a pd505 and/or a pd515. Can't get enough of the original side clickers.