Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vital Carry/ Spiffy Labs

I don't know Bobby Davis over at Vital Carry/Spiffy Labs but I have invested a great deal of money in his Kickstarter projects. I think they are all here in the picture.

The top two are ink pens and on the right is a Sharpie Tactical Marker. The gold color band is a spinner on the sPEN. Both ink pens use Pilot G2 refills.

On the left we have the Sparky a fire starter, a small ice pick called the K-Spike and a Key Bit. screwdriver.

Here we have a picture of the base that came with the Counter Balance ink pen. The fire starter needs a battery to operate and the small ice pick can be used for a bunch of tasks.

 The Sharpie marker is great for someone who used the markers in their job but bad news is that Sharpie will no longer make the refills. Here is a good closeup of the spinner which just came in today's mail. Bobby Davis has a new metal click ball point pen with it's own base that just closed out on Kickstarter. Got one on order. Add all this great stuff to your collection.

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