Friday, July 28, 2017

More Swingline Staples

Who has not used one of they small Swingline TOT staplers? I know that I have been using them since the 70s. In the Army I kept one or two of these in my briefcase as I traveled around Germany on inspection trips. Here is is 2017 and I am still using them. I keep running out of the staples so I found this large box of staples that work fine. They are in longer rows of staples so I have to break them off but I don't remember a larger staple gun that uses this longer size row.

Update:  Top right was made from 1950-1980, Bottom left was made from 1980-1987, Top left in blue was made from 1988-1999. The newest one is not in the picture. Thanks Dan.

As you can see I have to break them off to fix. Add these great items to your collection.


  1. George, I just looked on eBay and if you search for "swingline tot speed" or "swingline tot hand plier" you'll find larger Tot staplers that probably take longer strips of the Tot staples. Check out these pages as well:;

  2. Dan, Thanks for the links. After checking I see that I have one of each type in the picture. The newest one I left on my desk so it did not make it in the picture. I like the old style better.

  3. I had at least 2 of these Tot staplers as a child and I wish I had kept more of my old stationery items. The packaging of the staples refills reminds me of candy. :D

  4. Bre Chimay, you one a set of the BICs. Send your address to