Monday, August 15, 2016

Back To The 60s Again

Here we have my complete papermate Ops N Pops collection to date. My plan is to try and find the nine designs in the five colors. Never did know why there was no green or blue.

Here are the 9 designs in the best condition. The yellow one in the middle with the black polka dots was the one on the TV show Mad Men.

Here is my second set of ten. Off to the right are two pens that have just about lost their design. Use the pen to long and the designs come off.

 Here is how they would look on a card.

Other wanted to get in on the mod pens like this complete set of Scripto Action Pens.

 Two extras. These action pens are not as well made as the Papermates. Very difficult to get working refills to fit. I did not send any of these Scriptos to be on the Mad Men TV show just for that reason.

I do not know who made this pen but it would be a good guess that it was going to compete with Papermate and the Scriptos. Add all these pens to your collection.

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