Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pentel Ceramicron

Here we have four pencils and two pens from Pentel. Starting on the left we have four Pentel P125 pencils followed by a Pentel SR120 and last a green SR305 pen. Both pens are refillable. I have only seen the SR120 in brushed aluminum so there appears not to be a matching pen to go with the blue, green or the brown pencils. The SR305 came in four colors red, blue, brown, and the green.

The pen will use the 02, 03 or the 04mm Ceramicron cartridge. You can also use the MG8 rollerball refills.

Many of these refills have made it to the present day so they can still be found. Add them all to your collection.


  1. Prices for Ceramicron refills and pens? Thank you, Jim Hathaway in Arizona

  2. I want to buy this Pentel Ceramicron, see left pen on picture.